1. In case of physical defects, one should report them to the producer in writing, giving one’s name, exact address, phone number, number of agreement /order and purchase receipt, date of purchase, product type and kind of defect.
2. Response to the complaint or its investigation takes place within 14 days from the moment of its receiving.
3. Painting the windows, one should disassemble seals by pulling them out from slots. After the paint is dry, push them back in the slots. A joining point of two seals should be on the upper, horizontal wing rail.
4. Paint coating should be renewed depending on the needs.
5. Windows must not be cleaned with grinding substances,
6. At least once a year one should lubricate frictional elements of fitting on the wing sides,
7. In order to keep the warranty for paint coating, it is necessary to carry out its maintenance two times a year with the protective milk, Sigma. The fact of maintenance and inspection should be documented in the warranty certificate or book.
8. If the glass is broken, one should tear off the silicone on both sides, lever glazing beads with a flat spatula and disassemble them (the beads are assembled with pins). Replace the glass set, immobilize it with pads, reassemble the beads and seal it again with the silicone.
9. Windows may be regulated in three ways with hex keys:
a. horizontally, i.e. left-right
b. vertically i.e. top-bottom
c. pressure – fixing a wing to the frame
There are enclosed guidelines on storing, building-in and maintenance of wooden windows and balcony doors, provided by Bracia Nowaccy, and Annex B.

Annex B
I. During construction.
After assembly one should check, if varnish coating is not damaged. All damages should be immediately fixed in accordance with the system presented below. If the building is going to be plastered or if the plaster is going to be cleaned with highly alkaline detergents, then windows and doors should be protected with foil and tape. One should use masking tapes, designed for taping painted wooden joinery, and remove them immediately after finishing works. Leaving the tapes on the joinery for longer time can damage the coating.

Air humidity of over 70% causes wood swelling and may result in damage to the joinery. Due to that, the room has to be intensively ventilated for the whole time of building and to the moment of humidity reduction. The coating should be cleaned with water and mild detergent.

II. After assembly.
1. Two times a year, the surface of wooden elements has to be carefully cleaned with clean water in order to remove dust, insects remains and other soiling, which may be conductive to algae and fungi development.
2. External surface of wooden elements should be covered with protective milk, Sigma or Gori, every 6 months (depending on the use – according to the agreement), in accordance with the instruction provided. Each time, the fact of maintenance and inspection has to be documented in the warranty certificate.
If damages appear on the paint coating within the warranty period, they should be immediately removed in accordance with the description given in point 3.
3. Any damages should be repaired as follows:
Smoothen the damaged places with fine-grain sandpaper and thoroughly clean them of dusts. The damaged places should be covered with 2 coats of paint, Sigma or Gori (depending on the use – according to the agreement).
In case of deep scratches in the paint, reaching to the wood, the damaged places should be smoothened with sandpaper and impregnated with impregnating substance, Sigma or Gori (depending on the use – according to the agreement).
One should follow the following principles: the wood should not be impregnated at a temperature below 8°C or air humidity over 85%.
Renovation should be carried out according to the instructions on the packaging of the above mentioned products.
Lack of entries in the warranty card, confirming inspection and maintenance of the coating during the warranty period, exempts the companies, Bracia Nowaccy , Polifarb CW and GORI from the warranty responsibility and possible claims by virtue of paint coating durability.