Glass prints

  • Glass prints

    Glass prints

Digital print on glass.
Now, you only need an idea, a camera and an application for creating graphics. And we will realize the work in a form of the glass print.

Technology of copying allows us to create images on glass, we can decorate almost every detail of the interior:

  • kitchen screens,
  • built-in wardrobes,
  • glass in furniture,
  • door glass,
  • shower booths,
  • glass images,
  • glass doors,
  • dividing walls,
  • mirrors.

It depends only on your ideas. We offer the latest solutions of implementing the most bold and crazy ideas.

Glass prints give an inimitable effect, if combined with proper lighting.

Excellent quality of printing and the specific characteristics of ink enable us to print on ceramic tiles, porcelain, natural and artificial stone, skin and skin imitation.

We print on ordinary or toughened glass and a maximum size of a panel is 1620x3200mm. The glass can have mounting holes cut out for sockets or hinges.

We print graphics from our offer, but also provided by a client. We cooperate with interior designers.